[Xcb] Install an additional file

Thomas Hunger hto at arcor.de
Wed Jul 4 05:15:23 PDT 2007


I don't want to move to my branch to far away from something that can 
be included into the main tree later, so I though I'd ask:

There is a python file "protocol_builder.py" which fills out the 
missing pieces from the xcb files: 

It does <import></import>, resolves type-references 
like "xproto:PIXMAP", calculates the c names like "setup_request" 
from "SetupRequest" and some other things.

This file is very useful for the python bindings and might also be 
useful for other things like a protocol tracer, other bindings (I've 
wrapped the core in lua, but the protocoll is still missing).

Eventually I would need it to do the server side bindings, if they are 
possible at all.

Now the question: Can I install this file to "PREFIX/share/xcb"? It 
could then be queried like

$($PKG_CONFIG --variable=prefix)/share/xcb/

There already is a PREFIX/share/xcb directory for the protocol-xml 
files, so it would not clutter the file system unecessarily.


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