[Xcb] about api changes

Thomas Hunger hto at arcor.de
Wed Jul 11 09:41:36 PDT 2007

> I think that the bug here is that the XML naming filter
> isn't currently applied to all names, which IIRC is (a).  I
> think we should fix that first; I suspect it was inadvertent
> rather than deliberate.  Hopefully Josh or Jamey (when he
> returns in a few days) can correct us if we're wrong; we
> shouldn't do anything IMHO until we hear from at least one
> of them.

Ok. I just want to add a few examples to help a decision.

Take e.g. the following struct from xproto.xml:

  <struct name="SEGMENT">
    <field type="INT16" name="x1" />
    <field type="INT16" name="y1" />
    <field type="INT16" name="x2" />
    <field type="INT16" name="y2" />

If the current rename filter is applied it would result in 

struct {
  int16_t x_1;
  int16_t y_1;
  int16_t x_2;
  int16_t y_2;

If the rename filter is changed so that numbers are not separated we 
would have x1, x2, ... but some requests would look strange:
"PolyText8" would become "poly_text8" instead of "poly_text_8" (the 
former looks strange to me).

A completely different matter are enums. Some have items with numbers 
as names. E.g. <item name="1"/>. Currently the enum-name is always 
separated by an underscore. 

This behaviour would result e.g. in "xcb_button_mask_1" instead of the 
consistent "xcb_button_mask1" (the latter looks strange again).

It seems hard to be consistent _and_ good looking if we handle 
everything with the same filter...


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