[Xcb] about api changes

Thomas Hunger hto at arcor.de
Wed Jul 11 14:41:38 PDT 2007

> One might also question whether it's worth breaking the API
> over any of this: I'm in the camp of folks who thought the
> pre-renaming scheme was fine, so I'm obviously the wrong
> person to ask :-).  Opinions?

The naming is fine. The problem is more one of a technical nature: If 
we apply the current naming-filter to field names some will change. 
Again some examples:

  angle1 -> angle_1
  data8 -> data_8

  data1 -> data_1

I like your proposal to do special casing for some names. We already 
handle DECnet -> decnet separatly, so I would only need to add a few 
entries to a list. And the API would not break [1].

As an aside: If I had known how much time this would waste I would 
have voted to keep the old api as well :-)


[1] The API would break in some structs and replies. 
    E.g. randr.xml: struct RefreshRates has a field
    nRates which would change to n_rates.

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