[Xcb] Re: Will you draw us a logo?

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Sun Mar 4 16:06:16 PST 2007

Thanks hugely!

Colorwise, I think anything that goes OK with the X.org logo
(http://x.org) and is light-colored like the old Neko DA
is great; compatibility with the Freedesktop.org
(http://freedesktop.org) colors would be a bonus.

I don't think we need any interaction with text, although if
you have a cool idea around the kitty playing in a giant XCB
it would be fine.  I was planning to just put the kitty in
front of a giant XCB and call it good.

I've cc-ed the XCB list; we'll have a discussion here and I
will let you know tomorrow if anyone violently disagrees
with any of the above.  (Folks; in the meantime, please
don't bug Gearoid by cc-ing him on the discussion unless he
asks us to; I'm guessing he doesn't want 15 incompatible
directions about what we want. :-)

For many of our applications, someone will need to vectorize
the drawing.  That can be us unless you prefer to...

Again, thanks!


In message <74d760160703031538o47206ec2r33200b5bc0e6ff6f at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> Sure I'll draw you something, I've always approved of open
> source stuff. Any particular colouring in mind for the
> kitty and do you want it interacting with any text?

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