[Xcb] Handling keyboard events

Jim Crafton jim.crafton at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 18:13:23 PDT 2007

> Cool! Several of us on this list are quite interested in toolkit
> research. Any chance you'd post some comments on what you're designing?

I'm porting the Visual Component Framework ( http://vcf-online.org )
over to X. I've tried this before, first using raw xlib, then ran out
of steam and ran into various issues with performance. Then I tried
GTK, but that was also difficult once I got to trying to implement
control containers, and after a lot of frustration I gave up. Then,
last summer (2006), one of the guys on the project started the port
again using XCB and we began to make progress.

Our current strategy is to use XCB to create the core floating/main
windows, and then draw all the other child controls ourselves,
essentially using "windowless" controls. We create an image the size
of the main window, and then using AGG ( http://antigrain.com/ ), the
vector graphics lib we use in the VCF, to render into the image. This
gives us beautiful anti-aliased graphics, and none of the hassles with
x drawing primitives or text hassles.



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