[Xcb] Re: Handling keyboard events

Jesse W. Hathaway jesse at mbuki-mvuki.org
Wed Mar 28 08:12:47 PDT 2007

Jim Crafton:
>> Cool! Several of us on this list are quite interested in toolkit
>> research. Any chance you'd post some comments on what you're designing?
> I'm porting the Visual Component Framework ( http://vcf-online.org )
> over to X. I've tried this before, first using raw xlib, then ran out
> of steam and ran into various issues with performance. Then I tried
> GTK, but that was also difficult once I got to trying to implement
> control containers, and after a lot of frustration I gave up. Then,
> last summer (2006), one of the guys on the project started the port
> again using XCB and we began to make progress.
> Our current strategy is to use XCB to create the core floating/main
> windows, and then draw all the other child controls ourselves,
> essentially using "windowless" controls. We create an image the size
> of the main window, and then using AGG ( http://antigrain.com/ ), the
> vector graphics lib we use in the VCF, to render into the image. This
> gives us beautiful anti-aliased graphics, and none of the hassles with
> x drawing primitives or text hassles.

You might consider using cairo for all your vector drawing,
http://cairographics.org , it already has an xcb backend.


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