[Xcb] xcb does not compile on solaris 8

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Mon Nov 5 12:58:02 PST 2007

In message <e2ed954f0711051243u6c85bb42w5f13812a9b9fa99 at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> On 10/4/07, Vincent Torri <vtorri at univ-evry.fr> wrote:
> > if I'm not mistaken, using autoconf has been discussed previously, and
> > the conclusion is that it is not a good idea : xcb.h is included by
> > anyone who is using xcb. The problem is that that person has maybe not
> > the macro we will use from autoconf already defined properly. That's
> > why system macros have beens used.
> Right.

I don't understand this paragraph at all.

> > 1) creating an xcb.h.in
> >
> > inside it, we have something like:
> > #include <@STDINT_H@>
> >
> > 2) checking in configure if stdint.h exists of not. If so, we set
> > STDINT_H so stdint.h, otherwise we set it to inttypes.h. Then,
> > AC_SUBST + adding xcb.h to output files of configure.
> Yes, that's feasible, although it strikes me as icky. ;-) I don't have
> any better ideas though.

Yes, xcb.h.in is probably the right approach.  But the
particular proposed implementation is icky.  How about just


which will let autoconf insert #includes or not, or even
insert typedefs if it can't find the include anywhere?


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