[Xcb] state of xcb-glx

Ralovich, Kristóf kristof.ralovich at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 07:31:06 PDT 2008


I would like gain some knowledge about the official state of the
xcb-glx library. I have found very few traces of information (eg.:
about direct rendering apps using pure xcb-glx (xcb_connect,
xcb_glx_create_new_context, etc.), and all the previous results report
failure. I have done some experimentation too based on the previous
examples using different machines and never managed to get any correct
GL rendering, some of the time even the X server crashed.

Probably my theory is completely wrong and xcb-glx is concerining
indirect rendering only, I don't know but I am looking forward to
answers from people more familiar with this question.

So my question is, if direct rendering using xcb-glx is possible,
would there be a chance to enhance it as a Google Summer of Code
project? Here is a list of my thoughts about the subject:
- debug and fix xcb-glx, to fix server crashes
- implement the glX API over xcb-glx (AFAIK, this is done too in mesa
for the indirect case)
- extend the protocol description for xcb-glx to support as many GL
extensions as possible.
If this is not enough for a GSoC, I am open to work on related issues!

The GSoC application deadline is tonight, so the time frame is very short.

Kristóf Ralovich

PS.: Sorry for cross-posting!

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