[Xcb] Native win32 port - progress :)

Jeetu Golani jeetu.golani at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 10:36:10 PDT 2008

Hey guys,

I've made progress with the win32 port of XCB. I've rewritten certain 
functions such as - read_block, write_vec, xcb_in_read,etc for win32.

I've replaced the traditional scatter/gather i/o mechanism via writev and am 
using a send() loop....the scatter/gather i/o mechanism within Windows seemed 
to demand more changes within out code.....will see if I need to put that in 
instead and if that is more efficient....for now the emphasis is to get 
things to work.

So far I'm just testing the code by linking the object files directly with 
sample XCB programs from the XCB tutorials. Will build it into a DLL once 
it's all ready.

Progress is good and the test code works so far.....the test code so far 
consists of basic stuff such as connecting to the server and reporting 
statistics, drawing a window and drawing arcs and other elements within the 
window....I've tested them against the X server I'm running under Linux 
(using wine) and also against a native win32 xserver called Winaxe.

However, the code seems to be a little flaky....on some occassions it works 
and on others it doesn't....which I'm attributing to the fact that so far I 
haven't focussed on tight error checking......which is what I'm going to look 
at next.

I am concerned if this current flakiness is somehow tied to the 
synchronization issues we were worried off in earlier discussions. However I 
can't say more till I've put all the error check mechanisms in my code....and 
tested it further.

Barton, would be nice to see the code you used to test this behaviour under 
UNIX. You mentioned certain assumptions you'd made during your earlier tests 
which you weren't sure held true anymore.....were u able to resolve 
that??.....sometime down the line would like to run those tests within win32 
and report back

Bye for now.

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