[Xcb] patches from Arnaud Fontaine

Vincent Torri vtorri at univ-evry.fr
Mon Apr 14 08:43:33 PDT 2008

On Mon, 14 Apr 2008, Ian Osgood wrote:

> 1. aux:  most programs use xcb_aux_get_screen(). Most simple-minded
> Xlib ports use xcb_aux_sync() and other convenience functions.
> 2. renderutil: cairo's XCB backend depends on this now, so it would
> be nice to have it independently versioned.
> 3. image: Bart's implementation is now mature and featureful enough
> for general use. (One question: do we need a wrapper that hides the
> socket/shm transport mechanism? I'm unclear whether Xlib does this.)
> 4. atom and icccm: most non-trivial X applications will want these.
> Maybe get a wider API review first.

About the review, we must be sure that the functions are all async (for 
thosewho have a reply). I sent a mail about that some weeks ago, which 
lists which package must be reviewed and how many functions in it must be 
changed to be async.

Of course, i have forgotten to commit the patches this week end (i am 
porting the efl to windows ce these days and it takes all my free time)



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