[Xcb] Native win32 port - working (i think :) )

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Mon Apr 21 10:37:13 PDT 2008

On Mon, 21 Apr 2008 10:20:29 -0700, Barton C Massey wrote:
> We should be making this easier for you.  Sigh.  First, go
> to http://members.x.org and sign up to be a Member of the
> X.Org Foundation by pushing the "join" button.  (Other
> regulars on this list who haven't already done so, this
> applies to you too!  Go!)  Drop me email when you're done,
> and I'll get your membership approved.

Joining the foundation is an excellent suggestion. But I don't think
foundation membership and freedesktop.org accounts are tied together
at all yet. The freedesktop.org account-request process is described


Making it smoother to apply for both simultaneously does seem useful,
but the two things currently have very different requirements, (X.org
membership has address, membership agreement, and public/application
statements while freedesktop.org account requires both ssh and gpg

> Then post a note to sitewranglers at freedesktop.org and ask
> them for help setting up a git repo for your work.  Cc me so
> they know you're legit.

Maybe this is the step where Bart meant to be pointing to the
AccountRequests URL above?

I think we probably do still need good instructions on setting up a
personal git repository. I can write something up, (I've even done
that before, but never got it published to a good reference place

> We need to get a Contributor License of some kind in place.
> I'll work on this today.

What's that and why would it be needed?

I take the stance of just not accepting anything unless it has the
project's standard license headers, and also has the author's
copyright statement at the top, (for any new files or substantial
modifications). For minor changes to a few lines, I don't require any
new copyright attribution, but I also don't mind if the author adds

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