[Xcb] Python generator / cairo problems

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Mon Apr 21 14:03:51 PDT 2008

In message <AA4A9479-9428-414A-9EA4-BD304117AD08 at quirkster.com> you wrote:
> It is claiming Python 2.5 is required. Is it really using 2.5-only  
> features, or could the version requirement be loosened to 2.4 or 2.3?  
> Has anyone tried it on earlier Python versions?

Speaking just for myself, I really don't care if Python 2.5
is required: only XCB developers should need to use this
code, and they can presumably figure out how to get the
latest Python installed.

> Should it advertise a requirement for a specific version
> of xml.etree.cElementTree? Also, could ElementTree be used
> if cElementTree is unavailable?

Again, whatever works best is what we should go with, IMHO.

> (When baked, the XSLT file xcb.xsd should also be deleted,
> or make it a build option whether to use Python or XSLT.)

I think we'll probably retired the xsd: I don't know too
many folks who prefer to use it, and it would be pretty
confusing to try to maintain them in parallel for any length
of time.

> (Also, has anyone measured the difference in build speed between the  
> XSLT and Python code generation?)

Unless Python's really dramatically slow (many minutes on a
modern box) I don't really care about this either.  One
doesn't run this code on large descriptions very often in
the normal course of things.


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