[Xcb] Native win32 port - patches :)

Jeetu Golani jeetu.golani at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 09:07:53 PDT 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm submitting my patches for the win32 port of XCB. I would appreciate if 
people could look into it and give me feedback....hope it's of use to
someone :)

I'll submit a more detailed file on what I've done as is required (please 
advize on the protocol)....for now this is a brief of what maybe relevant :


Notes :

The files I have needed to touch include:

Added a new header:

The code should work on WinXP and above - this limitation is because the 
getaddrinfo/freeaddrinfo functions used as part of the library are defined 
for WinXP and above.

The pthreads-win32 library is required 
(http://sourceware.org/pthreads-win32/). I've been using the pthreadGC2.dll 
and corresponding lib files to compile my test. I could post how I built this 
library if required.

The version of MinGW I've been using is i586-mingw32msvc-gcc (GCC) 4.2.1-sjlj 

Have manually created the an X11 directory within the MinGW includes directory 
and copied the X headers there. Maybe this would be automatically done by the 
final build mechanism?


- Need to have a DLL of this library within Windows....the build mechanism 
needs to be modified for this
- testing (so far tested against the XCB tutorial code)

I'd appreciate if we could work on the above. Would love a DLL being created 
from the build mechanism. 

Barton, I'll set up the git tree as you've described.....Please advise me on 
what's next and if i"ve missed something. 

Bye for now

On Monday 21 Apr 2008, Barton C Massey wrote:
> In message <f5b27cc0804210458x5361e810h258bcf1554f422fc at mail.gmail.com> you 
> > >  Probably need to break the patches into some set of small,
> > >  self-contained ones.  Then post them on the list.  You can
> > >  also set up an alt git tree at people.freedesktop.org.  If
> > >  you're an X.Org member, you have an account.  If not, please
> > >  become one. :-)
> >
> > Thanks for the warm welcome :).....I've registered on the X.org and
> > freedesktop.org sites. The people.freedesktop.org link shows me the
> > freedesktop ninja's ;).....but I still haven't been able to figure out
> > how to create an alt git tree there and become a ninja (am I not
> > worthy :( tsk tsk :) ).....in all fairness I haven't looked too hard
> > but pointers as to what I should do would be appreciated.
> We should be making this easier for you.  Sigh.  First, go
> to http://members.x.org and sign up to be a Member of the
> X.Org Foundation by pushing the "join" button.  (Other
> regulars on this list who haven't already done so, this
> applies to you too!  Go!)  Drop me email when you're done,
> and I'll get your membership approved.
> Then post a note to sitewranglers at freedesktop.org and ask
> them for help setting up a git repo for your work.  Cc me so
> they know you're legit.
> > I'm going through my code once again just to make sure I
> > haven't missed something and two questions spring to mind:
> >
> > - I've added a new header in the code....any copyright
> > information I should put there or will that be done by the
> > community?
> Please add your copyright to the top of the file, and mark
> it with the same license information as the rest of XCB.
> > - Comments in the code touched by me has my name in it
> > just so I know what I touched..I don't see anyone's name
> > in there so I should probably take mine off...
> The Git tree tracks which is your work pretty well, so yeah,
> we're probably good with that.
> > what's the coding style followed by XCB....do developers
> > leave behind a trail for accountability?......sorry
> > haven't really done this
> We rely on Git for this service.  When your patches are
> committed to the central repo, they will be marked as yours.
> We need to get a Contributor License of some kind in place.
> I'll work on this today.
> > Should post the code onto the list shortly :)
> Looking forward to it!
>     Bart

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