[Xcb] [ANNOUNCE] xcb-util 0.2.1

Julien Danjou julien at danjou.info
Fri Aug 1 02:56:58 PDT 2008

xcb-util 0.2.1 is now available.

git tag 0.2.1

Arnaud Fontaine (4):
      Add xcb_poll_for_event_loop and rename xcb_event_loop to match.
      [icccm]: fix incorrect pointer usage
      [icccm]: correctly copy the reply value according to its format
      [icccm]: Remove useless function for accessing 'flags' which were also

Bart Massey (29):
      added xcb_aux_get_depth_by_visual_id()
      added xcb_aux_find_visual functions
      added checked versions of aux_create_window and aux_create_gc functions
      added checked version of aux_change_gc function
      added PARAM macros
      added aux_set_line_attributes_checked
      added fast inline bitops xcb_bitops.h
      out with the old image library...
      ...and in with the new image library
      used doxygen -u to create a much more elaborate doxyfile
      fixed xcb_params_gc_t so that tile_stipple_origin members had reasonable naming
      added aux_clear_window() for xlib compatibility, in spite of misgivings
      fixed existing roundups, added rounddowns
      added xcb_image_subimage()
      added create_image_from_bitmap_data(), adapted create_pixmap_from_bitmap_data() to use
      extended test_bitmap to handle subimage test
      took out clever code for subimage copying and left_shift for now, as it was too broken
      added INSET argument to test_bitmap and cleaned up subimage stuff
      fixed check for SHM in test_xcb_image_shm
      re-fixed my stupid visual_class typo; thanks to Thomas Hunger for the report
      sorted out dependencies for building while uninstalled---includes horrible kludges
      stopped image test programs from being built by default
      made image tests compile when not installed; fixed regression in test_formats.c
      added test.xbm to image
      made xcb_handle_event() externally visible
      merged event loop split with last patch
      fixed missed reference in previous patch
      added some gratuitous but harmless image pointer zeroing at the suggestion of Vincent Torri

Jamey Sharp (1):
      All util libraries require the XCB 1.0 API; check for it in configure.

Julien Danjou (3):
      icccm: add xcb_get_wm_transient_for()
      icccm: add urgency hint functions
      prepare 0.2.1 release

TORRI Vincent (3):
      missing namespace for alloc_wm_hints in xcb_icccm.h
      add _checked version of the _set_ functions

Tilman Sauerbeck (2):
      Bug #10877: Fixed the atom values that are written to the hash table.
      atom: Replace 'char *atom_names[]' with one big string and array of offsets.

md5: 8c1190aa1620856e7136d781439fd896
sha1: 5723b5dd743b3c32a557ea7433f94e8f4db39152

md5: c239cd9b3e7e70c564a78d115eab35fb
sha1: 7c03b84c4704986d6d4cf2f4e956715b021a0cb2

Julien Danjou
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