[Xcb] Bug in image handling on PPC

Ulrich Eckhardt doomster at knuut.de
Mon Aug 11 22:56:04 PDT 2008

On Thursday 24 July 2008 07:53:02 Ulrich Eckhardt wrote:
> IOW, xcb_image_convert() fails while manually converting the pixels works,
> at least for the case at hand.

Okay, here is a test that tries to put an image created from 
xcb_image_create_from_bitmap_data into various different formats.

For me, it fails on a big-endian machine to yield the expected results 
whenever the target byte_order field is MSB_FIRST and the unit size is 2 or 4 
bytes. I haven't tested on a little-endian machine yet.


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