[Xcb] Question about XML spec, and QueryExtension

Peter Harris peter.harris at hummingbird.com
Wed Aug 27 10:20:14 PDT 2008

Barton C Massey wrote:
> In message <48B2BC85.50304 at hummingbird.com> you wrote:
>> (See also:
>> http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xcb/2008-January/003186.html -
>> which hasn't been applied yet).
> Sigh.  Our apologies.

No problem. Ever since you guys switched from CVS to git, it has been
trivial to maintain local patches. I didn't even realize that this patch
wasn't upstream until I tried to find a public commit ID to reference.

> Peter, we would love it if you would please apply for commit privileges
> so you can apply this patch yourself. :-)

I'll add that to my TODO list. It's about time I generated a new GPG key

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