[Xcb] cairo + xcb binaries

Matthew Allen fret at memecode.com
Tue Dec 9 00:11:57 PST 2008


I'm currently implementing a xcb + pango + cairo backend for a widget library and I'm having issues getting the xcb part of cairo working. Basically the function cairo_xcb_surface_create doesn't exist in the headers (and the libs as well). From what I read you have to --enable-xcb when you install it. However I want to be able to make binaries of my apps that just run on current distros. Am I facing a dead end because the distros don't compile in xcb support?

My impression was that people wanted to move more stuff towards xcb and away from xlib? Aren't the major widget sets doing that? So if thats the case, how to the distros gets away with not compiling in xcb support in cairo?

I'm running ubuntu 7.04 at the moment. But I don't mind targeting later builds if necessary.
Matthew Allen

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