[Xcb] Outsider note for libxcb-1.1.92 (missing xcb_xlib.c et al?)

Niskanen Mikko Mikko.Niskanen at cboss.fi
Tue Dec 9 07:29:03 PST 2008


	I'm trying to build X.org for HP-UX 11.23 IA64, aCC 6.20. 

	I've stumbled upon a mystic difference in following packages:

libxcb-1.1.91.tar.gz	17-Jul-2008 18:52 	661K

libxcb-1.1.92.tar.gz	04-Nov-2008 01:37 	657K

	To me it seems that latter i.e. newest package is missing files:


	Did some research with Google, but found no evidence why
	these have been removed, it kinda stops building from tarballs
	as libX11-1.1.3 complains that package xcb-xlib is missing.



Mikko Niskanen

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