[Xcb] XCheckTypedWindowEvent

Peter Harris peter.harris at opentext.com
Wed Dec 24 09:05:35 PST 2008

Matthew Allen wrote:
> In my old xlib code I used XCheckTypedWindowEvent to look for the
> latest config change (i.e. position change notification) message in
> the event que, and discard any out of date ones. This meant my apps
> could stay relatively up to date when the user drags the size of the
> window around. I'm wondering what the XCB equivalent is? (If any).

libXCB, by design, does not include helper functions. libXCB is a very
thin wrapper around the protocol itself.

That said, xcb/util has the beginnings of some event helpers.
xcb_event.h (from xcb/util/event) doesn't look like it contains the
function you want, but it would be a good place to add that sort of

Patches welcome!

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