[Xcb] xcb and Xt

Lars Segerlund lars.segerlund at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 01:44:11 PDT 2008


 What's the general feeling/opinion on Xt ( C toolkit ) and xcb ?

 I am thinking about porting it to XCB and perhaps doing a bit of a
rewrite in the process ...

 I think Xt is a bit too complicated for what it does, and perhaps it
could be rewritten in a simpler fashion, so I was thinking of trying
to refactor it into simpler components on which the existing Xt could
be implemented.

 I don't know if I will have the time or motivation, but I have been
considering it for a while. So I thought I should ask if it's a waste
of time or would do any good.

 Would it be any good, or is Xt as a toolkit just 'legacy'  ?

 / regards, Lars Segerlund.

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