[Xcb] Hosting Win32 patches on alternate server

Jeremy Kolb jkolb at brandeis.edu
Thu Jul 3 10:52:16 PDT 2008

Jeetu Golani wrote:
> Hi everyone / Bart,
> Recently I'd written to the list asking for reviews on my Win32 patches and 
> someone (I think Remi) mentioned that I should probably host my entire branch 
> someplace like github or something.
> While I would love to actually put up my patches on git at people.x.org and 
> have put in a request too, I don't know what's happening on that. I've been 
> thinking of just putting up my patches on a friends site (or my own) and 
> maybe that'll help people review it better??? or is there anyways to get the 
> git setup at people.x??? Would appreciate suggestions on the best course 
> forward for this rather low-interest patch :)
> Bye for now

You might want to harass the site wranglers again.  They take a while to 
get new accounts up.  Maybe ping them on #freedesktop?


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