[Xcb] Xcb vs XVideo

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Tue Jul 8 09:33:51 PDT 2008

As you have noticed, both XCB and Xlib have C bindings for
the XVideo extension to the X protocol; Xine has chosen to
use XCB's.  I can't speak for the folks in the Xine project,
who you should probably ask about their design choices.

At a guess, the major advantage offered by XCB in this
application is probably the ability to talk to the server
from multiple simultaneous threads without worrying about
locking (from the library's point of view---obviously the
sequence of calls presented has to be correct).  Xlib's
locking in this situation is full of bugs and misfeatures,
and requires a lot of explicit code in any case.


In message <3cf2debb0807080808g34cb7a34lf5e09b63931d8447 at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> I'm using XVideo to show images on the screen. By default the xine engine
> use Xcb as video output engine, rather than XVideo. Is Xcb faster than
> XVideo. To show images on QWidget object it is bether use Xcb rather than
> XVideo?

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