[Xcb] xcb-util

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Wed Jul 30 07:26:09 PDT 2008

I'm working Ulrich's bad bug in image.  There's one other
image bug outstanding(ish).  There's plans to split up util
and make parts of it supported.  Right now, it's all still
considered experimental, but that's kind of silly---there's
parts of it that are really pretty necessary to writing pure
XCB apps.

I'd guess we'll have something stable in a month or so.  In
the meantime, are there specific things you need?


In message <6fc3ebb5.40bce563.48804d41.8182e at o2.pl> you wrote:
> Hi group!
> I'm waiting for next release of xcb-util - anyone know when it will be released?
> What left to be done?
> Best regards
> Bartlomiej Zimon
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