[Xcb] release of util package

Arnaud Fontaine arnaud at andesi.org
Sat Mar 8 10:37:36 PST 2008

>>>>> "Barton" == Barton C Massey <bart at cs.pdx.edu> writes:


    Barton> I'm not understanding the need for this patch.  What's wrong
    Barton> with just checking hints->flags == 0 inline?  (Of course I'm
    Barton> not  sure I'd ever use  *any* of those  accessors anyhow, so
    Barton> maybe I'm the wrong one to comment here. :-)

Actually, size_hints_t  structure is  declared as private  (icccm.c), so
size_hints_t structure  is only  available through accessors.   Maybe it
would  be better to  make the  declaration of  this structure  public? I
would also need to get 'flags' member... What do you think?

Arnaud Fontaine

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