[Xcb] XCB I/O mechanism - Native win32 port

Solerman Kaplon solerman at wonder.com.br
Sat Mar 29 04:55:59 PDT 2008

Jeetu Golani escreveu:
> - Which would be more efficient with for Win32 Overlapped I/O or sticking to a 
> mechanism with select?
Only a benchmark would show it, and it could be application dependent.

> I admittedly have little understanding of the above and would appreciate if 
> someone could shed light on what would be the preferred mechanism for this 
> library.

I don't think you will find any win32 expert on this list, so maybe you 
should look for an list of win32 developers to ask. Or maybe just stick 
to the same method used by XCB, even if synchronous.


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