[Xcb] Current tinderbox regression (libxcb)

Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Mon Nov 3 20:26:57 PST 2008

Hi Jamey,

   > That's a bizarre error message for it... I assume you haven't
   > cleaned up files installed by previous builds of libxcb.

Yes, it fell back to the system xcb-xlib.pc after not finding one in the
target pkgconfig path. 

   > You'll need to remove libxcb-xlib.so* and xcb-xlib.pc, at
   > least. Ideally the tinderbox builds would start with a clean
   > installation target every time.

*nod*  I should work on using a fresh chroot each time.  A flaw in the
tinderbox/jhbuild setup is that it runs on machines that have some X
packages already installed, and uses a prefix rather than a chroot.

   > Not so right. libX11 git master still won't build without xcb-xlib,
   > which means it just can't build against libxcb git master right
   > now. A new libxcb release is on its way, and then we can land the
   > corresponding libX11 changes and roll a release there. Which is now
   > going to involve merge conflicts. sigh.

   > Unfortunately, the handoff work requires that both Xlib and XCB be
   > upgraded simultaneously. We couldn't find any way around that
   > without giving up most of the advantages of handoff.

I see, sorry for the hassle; I'll be more patient about build breakage
in future.  (Maybe we could set up a process for announcing a temporary
breakage to the list?)

   > I think the later tinderbox "regressions" are just cascading
   > failures from not cleaning up old files that are no longer part of
   > XCB.

I agree.


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at laptop.org>

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