[Xcb] Current tinderbox regression (libxcb)

Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Tue Nov 4 21:29:37 PST 2008

Hi Jamey,

   > I'm sorry too: I used an overly grumpy tone in my last mail. I
   > should have known git would make the merge easy to do. :-)
   > Tinderbox builds should be passing again now.

Yep, they're passing again, thanks:


   >> I'll be more patient about build breakage in future.  (Maybe we
   >> could set up a process for announcing a temporary breakage to the
   >> list?)

   > You know, I really should have announced that. You're right. :-) It
   > didn't occur to me that people might be building from git on such a
   > regular basis that anyone would notice. My bad. :-) Hopefully it's
   > a rare enough thing to not need a special process though...


   > It's good to see that there's an X.org Tinderbox; I knew anholt set
   > one up years ago but I didn't think there was one still going. Is
   > there room in there to run libxcb's test suite, pathetic as it is?
   > At top level, just run `make check`.

Thanks, added the "make check" test.  I don't know if you plan to have
the test suite launch X clients in the future, but I added it to the set
of tests that is run against the newly-built libraries/server/drivers at
the end of every tinderbox build, so launching clients will work if you
want to.  Here's the current set of tests used after every build run:


Here are the latest test results for the "construct" tinderbox machine:

(Hm, it says "0 tests passed" for libxcb; any idea what's up with that?)

   > Running the X Test Suite would be awesome too.

I'll take a look at the X Test Suite -- I haven't used it before.
If there are any other suggestions for test programs to run against
new builds of servers/drivers, I'd be happy to hear those too.


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at laptop.org>

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