[Xcb] [PATCH] glx: describe GetFBConfigsSGIX

Peter Harris peter.harris at hummingbird.com
Wed Nov 5 09:06:21 PST 2008

RALOVICH, Kristóf wrote:
> this patch is against proto/master. It adds support for
> GetFBConfigsSGIX request. This functionality is required for my
> enqueued Mesa patches to build.
> This is actually a hack.

Indeed. I'm pretty sure we don't want multiple distinct definitions for
the same opcode in XCB.

> A proper solution would be to design a
> specific XML tag for GLX VendorPrivate requests. Those are extensions
> to GLX in some way, and have fields with hardcoded value, that should
> be in the XML.

/src/mesa/glapi/glX_API.xml already exists (in the mesa tree), and
appears to already have at least some description of VendorPrivate
requests. Perhaps it would be better to extend that file instead?

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