[Xcb] [PATCH] libxcb: Fix multiple xidtype lists in the same request

Peter Harris peter at peter.is-a-geek.org
Wed Nov 12 12:49:04 PST 2008

Julien Danjou wrote:
> At 1226520918 time_t, Peter Harris wrote:
>> The down-side is, after this patch all sorts of *_iterator functions
>> go away (and are replaced with *_end functions). I'm not sure if
>> anybody is using those functions today, or if we need to provide
>> backwards-compatibility.
> awesome uses a couple of them.
> That does not need that they're so used, but backward compatibility
> would be nice.

Sorry, I wasn't clear. When I said "all sorts", I figuratively
intended "many", not literally "all of the types".

Assuming you mean git://git.naquadah.org/awesome.git - none of the
iterators that awesome uses go away with my patch. Only the iterators
for lists of simple ("cardinal") types would.

Peter Harris

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