[Xcb] Added generation of extern "C"

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Tue Sep 9 12:51:34 PDT 2008

In message <20080909143427.GA6912 at abydos.adm.naquadah.org> you wrote:
> At 1220970504 time_t, Carsten Meier wrote:
> > BTW: Who wrote c_client.py? (So I can include correct
> > copyright information in my forthcoming cc_client.py)
> git log?

Really though, when you write stuff, especially nice stuff
like this, put your name, copyright and license on it.  It
makes life so much easier for everyone.  See


for a script to do this semi-automatically, although it
could definitely use some work to make it easier to use

I really need to go back through all of XCB and add more
commits for the information that somebody so graciously
figured out on what's the authorship of existing stuff.  If
someone else wanted to do this for me, that would be
great. :-)

The git log looks like Eamon Walsh was the author of
c_client.py .  However, I think Thomas Hunger and some
others did a lot of this work.  Anyone who participated in
building the XML python code generator, please drop a note
to this list.


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