[Xcb] No XIfEvent like function in XCB?

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Mon Sep 15 01:00:26 PDT 2008


  "The regions decompose into an (arbitrary) set of
   rectangles, and an Expose event is generated for each
   rectangle. For any given window, the X server guarantees
   to report contiguously all of the regions exposed by some
   action that causes Expose events, such as raising a

I don't guess I see why it's a problem to just queue the
received rectangles until you get to count 0 and then
process them, though?  We could put code in xcb/util to do
that without much trouble, I guess.


In message <20080913124332.653885fd at before> you wrote:
> isn't there an XIfEvent like function in XCB? I really need something
> like this to gather expose-events until its count-field reaches zero. Or
> is it guaranteed that if you recieve an expose-event with a non-null
> count-field, the next event in the queue is also an expose-event? If
> not, this will be a real showstopper for me...

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