[Xcb] Tiny cleanup patch that removes some code duplication

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Mon Sep 15 01:28:02 PDT 2008


Would strongly prefer, though, a patch to util/icccm to
extend xcb_set_wm_name() to take an optional UTF8 second
string, and to set both the WM_NAME and _NET_WM_NAME
properties accordingly.  Any chance we could get that out of
you instead?  Then we could get flames.c back to just
calling into util/icccm...

Others here OK with modifying xcb_set_wm_name() in such a
fashion?  I don't think there's so much code out there using
it yet...


P.S.  If you could send your patches as ASCII rather than
mime-encoded, that would really help me.  I use a very, very
primitive mail user agent.

In message <545111.89935.qm at web59909.mail.ac4.yahoo.com> you wrote:
> This is a tiny cleanup patch that removes two similar
> blocks of code and replaces them with calls to an existing
> function.

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