[Xcb] [ANNOUNCE] xcb-util 0.3.0

Julien Danjou julien at danjou.info
Wed Sep 17 05:18:49 PDT 2008

xcb-util 0.3.0 is now available.

git tag 0.3.0

Arnaud Fontaine (15):
      [icccm] Make xcb_get_text_property() public as it might be useful
      [property] Add missing xcb_get_any_property_unchecked().
      [atom] Move '*discriminated_atom*' functions from icccm to atom
      [icccm] Make xcb_get_text_property() and functions relying on it
      [icccm] Make xcb_get_wm_transient_for() asynchronous and document
the code.
      [icccm] Make xcb_get_wm_size_hints() and xcb_get_wm_normal_hints()
      [icccm] Make xcb_get_wm_hints() asynchronous, remove useless
      [icccm] Make xcb_get_wm_protocols() asynchronous and document the
      [icccm] Fix namespace according to XCB code in general.
      [icccm] Add copyright notices.
      [icccm] Add functions to get WM_CLASS property.
      [icccm] Avoid InternAtom request.
      [icccm] Comment and indent the code properly.
      [icccm] Bump library version number to 0.3.0.
      wm: tag_t was renamed to xcb_atom_fast_tag_t.

Henning Sten (2):
      return on error to avoid null dereference in assert
      add doxygen documentation markup for XCB_EVENT_RESPONSE_TYPE_MASK

Julien Danjou (15):
      icccm: fix memory leak in xcb_get_wm_hints()
      icccm: fix wrong variable initialization
      icccm: free reply in wm hints retrieval
      atom: prefix functions and types
      atom: bump version info
      atom: include xcb headers
      property: rewrite property handler interface
      icccm: allow information retrieval from reply
      event: rework, rename and add some documentation
      event: define XCB_EVENT_RESPONSE_TYPE_MASK
      reply: rework and add some documentation
      Remove NEWS
      doc: add various authors, remove old todo item
      doc: enable doxygen doc in various submodule
      icccm: introduce xcb_get_wm_transient_for_from_reply

Keith Packard (4):
      Add image conversion test case for 'make check'
      xcb_mask must not be zero when n == 32.
      Rework image format conversion code to pass test_swap test case.
      Add test_swap to image/.gitignore

md5: aec0148e8ce5ee7a64675223b3344537
sha1: 9090dabaa4d5631a00ed8b4435d982925739494b

md5: 5f2188492a7d12142d83f73cf0054c59
sha1: 9c534cbd498620e8f70cbe3d989eebcff824b9eb

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