[Xcb] Do all X errors fit into xcb_generic_error_t?

Carsten Meier cm at trexity.de
Thu Sep 18 07:46:26 PDT 2008

Am Thu, 18 Sep 2008 10:26:06 -0400
schrieb Peter Harris <peter.harris at hummingbird.com>:

> Carsten Meier wrote:
> > OK, thanks. I think I'll better include a mechanism for varying
> > error sizes. ;)
> How?
> The only way to tell what size an error is (unless it is the constant
> size specified today) is to ask the hypothetical future extension.
> Peter Harris

By delegating the error to a hypothetical error handler which throws a
C++ exception with the hypothetical error type embedded. (I'm currently
thinking in C++ only)

BTW: XCB-errors have to be free()d like other responses, right? I can't
find something about it in the docs or in the headers.

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