[Xcb] Recent fixes for bitmap conversions

Ulrich Eckhardt doomster at knuut.de
Mon Sep 29 14:36:15 PDT 2008

Good evening!

I'm afraid it still doesn't work. I'm comparing xcb-util 0.3.0 with 0.2.1 from 
Debian on a PPC machine. I noticed the following behaviour:

Using 0.2.1: xcb_image_native() doesn't work correctly, I dumped the 
xcb_image_t to stdout for comparison. However, the result is what actually 
arrives at the display, i.e. it is just the conversion that fails.

Using 0.3.0: xcb_image_native() seems to work correctly. However, what 
eventually arrives at the display bears no resemblance to the expected image.

I ran 'make check' in the image subdir of 0.3.0 and it worked correctly, which 
isn't surprising considering that it worked correctly above.

I'm sorry for this sloppy error description, but it's late and I've been 
coding all day. I'll try tomorrow to pinpoint the problem to a particular 
function or distill a testcase or something like that.


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