[Xcb] no 'long double' => no python => no xcb => no X11 :(

Philippe De Muyter phdm at macqel.be
Wed Apr 22 03:11:20 PDT 2009

Hi list

I try to install a minimal X environment (VNC server + fvwm + xterm) on a
mpc8540 (a powerpc variant) based board, where linux + gcc (but no python)
have been installed using CLFS (Cross Linux From Scratch).  I thus
work in a native mpc8540 linux environment.

Trying to install libxcb-1.2, i saw the configure error asking for python.

Trying to install python-2.6.2 fails because python or libffi requires*
'long double' support, which my compiler has not.  Needless to say, neither
the rest of my linux environment, neither xcb, neither, I surmise, the rest
of the X installation I plan to do requires 'long double' support.

It took me already one day for that 'xcb needs python' problem and I am
still stuck.

Will I need to fix pyhton or libffi or gcc for 'long double' support or
do you have a easier suggestion ?

Thanks in advance


* - python/configure checks 'long double' availability, but python sources
do not use the check result everywhere.
- python/configure test for 'long double' is too simple to figure out my
compiler does not support them.
- python/configure has no way to be told externally that 'long double' are

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