[Xcb] Proportional fonts and text extents

Julien Danjou julien at danjou.info
Sun Apr 26 01:24:11 PDT 2009

At 1240701047 time_t, Jake LeMaster wrote:
> It seems like XCB is assuming all characters in a string are the
> same pixel width, which will give wrong results if you use a proportional
> font with "slim" characters like 'i', '1', '/', '(', etc.

FWIW, XCB does not assume anything, it just transmit the request to the
X server and give you the answer.

> Parameter "str" is the string I want extents on, obviously, and "length"
> woud be strlen(str). Is this how I should be going about it?

Never played with that, but it seems fine.
If you have test code with Xlib and XCB, maybe we could check if there's
a difference between the XCB and the Xlib version requests.

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