[Xcb] Event queue

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Tue Aug 4 19:20:32 PDT 2009

In message <200908031024.20753.comick at autistici.org> you wrote:
> During a my own project I needed to abstract xcb event
> handling adding event queue management. It has operations
> to push an event handler for a specific event type and
> remove them. After an event handlers are executed in order
> if any.  To do this I'm now using a default handler that
> in case of empty queue prints debug information or
> elsewhere execute the handlers in order.

Cool!  This was always our belief about event handling; the
queue should be on top of XCB, rather than internal to it.

> I don't like how xcb-event behave now since make the
> program segfault when an event is not managed and I think
> this is not a good default behavior (may be I'm wrong, if
> so tell me why :)).

I'm not sure what you mean here; under what circumstances
was your program segfaulting?

> Anyway: an event queue is a good tool, and I want to know if could be an 
> useful contribution to xcb-util.

You bet!  Let us know how we might get at it.


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