[Xcb] [Bug 23163] configure of libpthread-stubs can't detect stubs on NetBSD

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Wed Aug 5 20:15:06 PDT 2009


--- Comment #1 from Josh Triplett <josh at freedesktop.org>  2009-08-05 20:15:05 PST ---
That patch looks like it will break support for non-NetBSD platforms.  Got a
patch that doesn't?

Ideally, we should test for functions like pthread_self by compiling a test
program that uses them, not by checking for the specific symbols.  That would
improve portability to platforms which work like NetBSD does here.  On the
other hand, it wouldn't fix portability to platforms that have different
symbols in the pthread library and don't have stubs.  Still seems like an
improvement, though.

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