[Xcb] Problems receiving mapping_notify

Peter Harris pharris at opentext.com
Fri Aug 7 08:01:53 PDT 2009

Michael Stapelberg wrote:
> the solution of the problem seems to be that Xlib transparently generates
> MappingNotify events upon receival of XkbMapNotify events, see
> lib/X11/XKBUse.c:318.

Good catch!

That explains why I couldn't reproduce the problem. My X server is
actually sending out the required MappingNotify events, and yours isn't.

> So, any plans about doing the same as Xlib in this case or how do we want
> to handle this?

Since it's a bug in your X server, I suggest filing a bug report against
it. Or at least bringing it up on the server's mailing list.

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