[Xcb] Notification on resolution changes

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Wed Aug 12 14:02:49 PDT 2009

You can get an event delivered to you when the screen
configuration changes; I can't remember the details of how
to set it up off the top of my head, though.


In message <200908050701.45139.doomster at knuut.de> you wrote:
> Dear Intarweb!
> I have a desktop switcher program that is attached to the corners of the 
> screen and sensitive to mousewheel movements there. When I start some games, 
> they temporarily change the screen's resolution, which seems to move those 
> windows, too. What I'm looking for is an elegant way to handle changes to the 
> screen's resolution. I could simply poll this value, but that seems kind of 
> ugly to me. Any better ideas?
> Greetings from Hamburg!
> Uli
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