[Xcb] XCB Workshop?

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Thu Dec 3 13:52:04 PST 2009

Peter Harris kindly reminded me just now; I'm seriously
thinking of asking X.Org for money to run an XCB Workshop in
Portland Oregon USA.  I think March 20-24 2010 would be a
date, but an alternative would be mid to late June 2010;
these dates would allow us to use Portland State University
facilities between class quarters.  We would ask for a tiny
bit of money for the workshop itself, and a larger amount to
support the travel of those of you who couldn't otherwise

The workshop as proposed would be two parts: technical work
and a documentation sprint.  The technical work could cover
new design and implementation, and would definitely include
some bug triage and fixing sessions.

Could people please post to the list and indicate whether
they'd be willing to attend such an event, whether it would
be useful, whether they'd need travel support, what dates
work for them, etc?  As Peter pointed out, March is coming
right up, so we need to get this nailed down.


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