[Xcb] receiving XRRScreenChangeNotify in xpyb

Peter Harris pharris at opentext.com
Wed Dec 23 11:56:11 PST 2009

chrysn wrote:
> my testing system is debian sid with xserver 1.6.5, the intel 2.9.1
> driver, kernel 2.6.31, xpyb 0.12, and libxcb 1.5; neither on my main X
> server (when changing one of my two monitors' size using xrandr and when
> un/replugging a monitor) nor on Xephyr (changing size using xrandr), any
> events showed up on the attached demo program.
> do you recognize a mistake that i made?

Unlike Xlib, xcb does not flush the output buffer on your behalf when
you call wait_for_event. It appears as though you need a call to flush()
before entering your event loop.

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