[Xcb] Project ideas?

Rémi Cardona remi.cardona at lri.fr
Wed Feb 4 22:59:38 PST 2009

Le 05/02/2009 01:00, Arnaud Fontaine a écrit :
> I'm currently thinking about a subject for my dissertation for my MSc in
> Computer Science.  Last year, as part of my BSc and for fun ;), I ported
> Awesome  and wrote  some  code  for xcb-util,  thus  I'm thinking  about
> working  on XCB related  code this  year.  I  had some  ideas especially
> concerning xcb-util  in the meantime but  I didn't have time  to work on
> them unfortunately...
> That's why I think about writing a Compositing Manager as it may benefit
> both Awesome and XCB IMO as stated on XCBToDo. However, I'm wondering if
> there  would be  more  important tasks  to  do for  now  (I didn't  find
> anything else on XCBToDo web page).  Any ideas or comments?

Enhancing cairo's xcb backend to match the xlib one? But since the 2 are 
supposed to yield identical results, I think there could be a lot of 
interesting work to do by automating the comparison between the 2 backends.

I think coming up with methods and tools to help you do that will surely 
impress your reviewers. :)


Rémi Cardona
remi.cardona at lri.fr
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