[Xcb] [Socket handoff] Waiting forever...

Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 14:50:29 PDT 2009

Hi Ian,

> It wastes our time to determine
> whether your arrays really do match up with the protocol structure
> definitions.

In the whole 6 months I write emails about these issues only one
person (Jamey) was able to really help me.
A few persons have been very friendly and helpful (like Barton), but
the rest only sent me their wisdome and complaints, without any idea
whats really going on. I've become tiered of noise.

Do you know an answer to this question, that would be really helpful:
>> Sorry for the dumb question, when I issue a getInputFocus request with
>> self-generated protocol, how can I consume the reply in native code?
>> The rest of the application is using the xlib-api, so probably I am
>> not able to use xcb's api

- Clemens

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