[Xcb] OK to ignore BadWindow errors?

Donald Ephraim Curtis dcurtis at cs.uiowa.edu
Mon Jul 27 06:42:21 PDT 2009

I am working on a small system tray and I am wondering if it's OK to
ignore Bad Window events that roll in from the event queue.

When I get a new systray window request I reparent it under my main
window.  This works OK until the window is destroyed and then it looks
like there are extraneous events that get pushed through AFTER the
destroy event is called.  

Some digging makes me think that the events are actually configure
requests that get flushed through in the wrong order.  That is, I think
that I send some update requests to change location and size, then
before those actually get interpreted the destroy event gets queued,
thus the destroy event goes through and then the updates come through
but since the window is already destroyed, the updates generate a
bad-window error.

So is it OK practice to ignore these???  Sorry if my terminology is


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