[Xcb] [Bug 20336] libxcb crashes on select() with high file descriptor value

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Sat Mar 14 09:56:31 PDT 2009


--- Comment #7 from James Cloos <cloos at jhcloos.com>  2009-03-14 09:56:30 PST ---
I find these files in my aclocal:


All three from the archive at:


I suspect libxcb should use epoll(7) where that is available, else
poll(2), else select(2).  With /dev/poll thrown in there somewhere.

(Someone from Sun should specify whether /dev/poll is preferred on

Also, I see from epoll(7) that FreeBSD has something called kqueue
which is similar to epoll(7).  After some gogoling I find that at
least NetBSD has a pollts(2) call.

Also, when using poll(2), should ppoll(2) be preferred?

And when falling back to select(2), should pselect(2) be preferred?

I beleive libxcb should use the best option for each platform.

Someone must already have figured out the best choices for each
platform and written suitable autotools macros and #if code for
this problem space....

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