[Xcb] Remove Python as a XCB dependency.

Edward O'Callaghan victoredwardocallaghan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 19:44:04 PDT 2009


I seen this come up on the list time and time again and its just
becoming very clear that the python C binding generator is a overkill
and is more trouble then its worth.
Here is my reasoning;
As XCB is a base package for a modern X server build it should have
little to no dependencies and particular over convoluted ones if they
can be avoided.
Further to this, constant changes in python create more development
(and documentation, such as answer questions 'why my xcb does not
build with version foo') overhead to the XCB development team just
taking away time from more pressing matters. Also, the python
dependency creates unnecessary overhead for package maintainers of XCB
with no real significant gain for the time spent on it. I there
believe and would like to request that proto merged back into libxcb
and the C bindings be delivered as part of the whole sha-bang.

Thanks for your time,
Edward O'Callaghan.

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