[Xcb] GSoC proposal questions

Mariusz Ceier mceier at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 15:24:49 PDT 2009

   I am student, and I would like to participate in Google Summer of
Code. During GSoC I would like to do "Complete and comprehensive input
support for XCB". I have already submitted proposal, although I have
some questions regarding it:
1. Who will likely be (is) mentor for this idea ?
2. How strict are you about length of gsoc proposal ? Are you going to
run wc -w on it ? :)

I am available on #xorg-devel and #xcb @ freenode as 'mceier', also I am
subscribed to xorg-devel, xorg, and xcb mailing-lists.

Mariusz Ceier

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