[Xcb] [Bug 21773] configure script for xcb-utils requires libxcb > 1.2, which doesn't exist

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Thu May 21 23:35:59 PDT 2009


--- Comment #14 from Bart Massey <x at po8.org>  2009-05-21 23:35:58 PST ---
Julien, as usual, thanks hugely for running our release process.  It is greatly
appreciated.  Bob, thanks much for the bug report and your persistence with it,
and especially for providing the nice-looking autoconf patches.

It would be really nice if top of tree was buildable again right now.  I see
three obvious resolutions:

  * Temporarily change the > to >= .  Yes, it's arguably the wrong thing, but
it's the easiest.

  * Bump the version number of libxcb to 1.2.1.  We can always bump it again
later if it wants to be 1.3.

  * Adopt Bob's patches and let them drive things from here on out.

I have a preference for the third, but I freely admit that I may not understand
the full implications.  At any rate, I'm fine with whichever one Julien wants
to go with.

Again, thanks to all.

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